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The Significance Of PVC Recycling PVC Bag
- Aug 03, 2017 -

The demand for PVC in China is increasing by 10% annually. The recycling of PVC can not only solve the environmental problems, but also alleviate the pressure of this resource shortage. Especially in the continuous rise of PVC prices today, its recycling is of great significance. The use of PVC in the construction industry is very large, if the waste products can be recycled, the environmental pollution of PVC can be greatly reduced. PVC plastic recycling generally refers to the use of PVC, after crushing, cleaning, drying, heating, plastic, wire drawing, cooling, granulation, processing, the formation of granular PVC, in order to be made into PVC bags and other related products, especially as raw material consumption is greater. In fact, PVC waste is often mixed with other plastic materials. Plastic sorting is generally required before using physical or chemical methods.

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