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Paper Bag Design Is The Crystallization Of Teamwork
- Aug 02, 2017 -

Document Bag Design First is the crystallization of teamwork
Today's document bag design, more pay attention to market strategy, from itself, this is a highly intelligent comprehensive service work. It is not a separate task, but more other departments to participate and consolidate the results, the business is more like a partner, a gift bag design project needs to be completed more than one person, need to communicate with the business, communication, and responsible for the production and sales of people to work closely with each other. For major projects, should also include market research personnel, consultants and other professionals involved. In short, a good handbag design is the best embodiment of group collaboration. Closer cooperation, product occupation market, achieve good sales performance of the greater certainty.

2. Document Bag design is the art of locating the door
For the zipper bag design, look for the direction of the design, more than anything else. Customers do a design, often for a variety of reasons. Sometimes to introduce a new product, sometimes for the replacement of the original product to improve its handbag, regardless of the motivation of the design, to fully understand the needs of consumers is essential, this requires the project's design team, a certain understanding of the market, such as: Customer launch is a new product, it is necessary to conduct research, its target market, how to target consumer groups to formulate a corresponding design plan; if it is the replacement of new products, So what are the advantages of the original brand packaging need to inherit, if the product redesign, it is to develop a new market or to reverse the declining sales situation, its similar product sales, what is the pros and cons of existing design which needs to learn from the strengths and deficiencies. In short, the more fully informed about the customer situation, the more accurate the positioning of the practice, the final gift bag design effect is better.

3. Zipper Bag design is good or bad for market suitability
"Beauty" is not the only standard to measure good packaging, the high-grade material or not can decide the grade of the document bag design, the gorgeous coat wraps in some unsuitable goods body, excessively publicizes the value of the package, often cannot obtain the consumer's approval, similarly, the high quality product, the inferior packing also cannot achieve the anticipated market effect. Only according to different stages, different locations, different ages, levels of consumer groups, to make sales targeted packaging, is an excellent packaging design. Therefore, the evaluation of a package of good or bad, should be objectively evaluated, should be the suitability of its products prevail, can not leave its market state completely with individual aesthetic decision.

4. Gift bag design should have a unique personality characteristics, to better meet the consumer
Packaging Design In addition to the indispensable promotional functions, the characteristics of their own display, modern handbag design must be involved in the field, different consumers have different personalities, a target personalized color packaging, more easily meet the needs of consumers, but also easier to communicate with consumers and interaction, which is the modern packaging design can not be ignored important issues.

5. Packaging design is more and more like a social science, it is the knot of rationality and Sensibility.