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Manufacturing Technology Of PVC Gift Bag
- Aug 02, 2017 -

PVC Gift Bag
Bags to, Guangdong more, Jiangsu, Anhui, Henan, Fujian and other manufacturers have produced a few. PVC bag manufacturers have a significant geographical characteristics, many areas do not produce factories.

Car seam PVC bag under the printing good, directly with a flat car or high car sewing machine line sewing, generally will have nylon zipper and other accessories

High-frequency hot-pressing PVC bag, that is, PVC film after cutting into pieces, need to print the first screen printing (most of the PVC screen printing), and then use high-frequency machine hot-pressing, general need to order copper and then produce. Hot-Pressing PVC bag can be suppressed into PVC sleeve bag, PVC embedding bag, PVC-free zipper bag, PVC handbag, PVC bag and other styles.

According to its PVC film thickness of different and use of different, PVC bags, cosmetic packaging bags, stationery packaging bags, craft jewelry packaging bags, gift bags and other products packaging. Many high-end products manufacturers will generally choose PVC bags to packaging, the United States installed products, promotion products, but its price than opp bag/pe bags and so expensive.