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Main Points Of Processing Technology Of PVC Bag
- Aug 02, 2017 -

PVC bag processing is usually high frequency hot pressing or sewing machine line. High-frequency hot-Pressing PVC bag, PVC film, through the feed into pieces of the first on-demand printing screen printing (PVC most commonly used in screen printing), and then with high-frequency machine and hot pressing, usually need to customize the mold production.
PVC Gift Bag as a packaging bag, packaging bag is the most popular, the packaging bag is the most widely used. We analyze the reasons for three, PVC gift bag great heat:
A: PVC gift bag, not only has the packaging effect, but also should be able to maintain the role of the bag can be in the process of delivery is very good, maintenance effect.
Two: PVC gift bag, to prevent the role of cold, it can make the goods in the cold weather is not damaged, so excellent guarantee of product quality.
Three: Consumers can not only enjoy the appearance of PVC gift bag charm, but also do not conceal the meaning of the appearance of goods, promoting the connotation of the product is the best effect.