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Looking Forward To The Development Of The Students ' Stationery Bag Industry From The Market Of Price War
- Aug 02, 2017 -

As the industry market competition intensified, now the price war has become the trend of the industry, then if the price war does not mean that the initiative to improve student stationery bag prices? In recent years, due to the increase in production costs, enterprises in the operation has to raise prices for products, but the excellent stationery design, is still favored by most consumers. Visible, value war is about price, but not entirely depends on the price, it involves product brand, design, and even technical content.

With the increasing competition of the students stationery bag industry, the domestic stationery market is in the "Warring States era", vicious price war intensified. Chinese stationery enterprises in the domestic peer low price vicious competition, but also to withstand the impact of the international market.

In the case of Low-margin products, the continuous price war will inevitably lead to the decline of product quality.

Enterprise competition should be cost-effective competition, which includes the development of new products, market development, product distribution, overseas own brand promotion. Only by making reasonable profits from these channels can enterprises guarantee the sustainable development of the industry.

If the enterprise through the optimization of technology, management level to improve the cost of compression, and reduce the price of products, which is understandable, these are reasonable ways. As a concentrated industry, students stationery bag market price has been close to the cost bottom line, in the student stationery bag industry technology homogenization seriously, management level has no real improvement in the case, there is no price reduction space. If still a dozen price war, will only empty enterprise. In the end, not only stationery companies are overwhelmed by losses, but will also lead to a decline in the industry and affect the international image.

The Chinese student stationery bag industry's consumption foreground has attracted the international well-known stationery manufacturer and the retailer to enter, on the other hand, Southeast Asian countries like India, Vietnam also began to compete with China in the manufacturing industry. Although the Chinese stationery industry still maintains the fast development trend, but from upstream to downstream, the stationery industry link has already shrunk completely. In addition, by the appreciation of the renminbi, raw material prices, rising labor costs and many other factors, China's stationery industry is increasingly ineligible to fight price.