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Handbags Knowledge
- Aug 02, 2017 -

For the workshop of each zipper bag sewing workers is particularly clear, but how to do a good job in every process, do a good job self test to improve our quality? Now I take a backpack bag to introduce to you some of the most basic quality problems and requirements.
1. License plate Aberdeen: Under normal circumstances in the bottom of the card when the needle to receive the needle to weigh 3-4 sewing line an inch 8-9 needle requirements smooth smooth mouth evenly not skew.
2. Pull the bone: the mouth should be even, the corner position can not wrinkle, the four Corners evenly pack the aggregate to the bone heart, can not appear broken bone phenomenon.
3. Pre-loading bag: Must cover the front of the pinhole, in the head or the bottom of the needle, the four corners of the bag to be parallel symmetrical.
4. On the chain: the mouth needs to be unified, even, pay special attention to the zipper direction. The car out of the chain should be flat to the waves.
5. Barge Wai: To align, uh, the car zipper can not burst the double line should be even, straight. The effect of barge circumference will directly affect the quality of buried bags. Wai too long or too short will cause the bag to be crooked or wrinkled, in principle, to try to bury the dark before the bag, suitable for production.
6. Car Magic Stickers: Car line Unified toward the edge, burrs, up and down parallel, can not skew.
7. Double-Mouth package edge: The edge of the package can not have a large fine edge, discounts, the phenomenon of the tire angle rounded.
8. Dress the hijab: to the needle position car, must balance, cannot skew the line to be straight the son mouth evenly.
9. Side bag: Pay attention to the direction of the head, pull the zipper bag, pull the head in the direction of the front, put out the bag to Four corners, the upper and lower parallel.
10. Car Straps: Pay special attention to the Quartet card and the midline, the general situation of the Quartet card length of 1.5 inches, the median line to pass through the intersection point, can not be curved, quartet card on both sides of the fold to the average uniform, the last stitch to coincide.
11. Car Triangle Ribbon: In general, do not play the Quartet card woven belt into the triangle in half inch to play square card woven into the triangle material 1-inch special with the guest zipper bag requirements.
In fact, to do a good job in every process is not very difficult, the main thing is that we need to know its focus. For example, the requirement of a handbag open-wire is that the mouth is even, the line is smooth, these are the parallel and symmetrical of the accessory, these are also the foundation of the document BAG. Do a good job of zipper bag from each process start to seize the quality of each process is our handbag manufacturer's pursuit.