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Document BAG Inspection, Inspection Document BAG Technical Knowledge
- Aug 02, 2017 -

File bag Shortcomings enumeration-also known as "five illegal", is to find the defects of the product, that is, design "unreasonable, inconvenient, not as good, imperfect, unscientific" place, can be the right remedy to improve, the new style appeared.
2, the document bag system set up a method-ask questions, to find out the deficiencies in order to improve and innovate. For example, are there any other uses for the product? Can there be any other use for making changes? What are the results of changing its shape, structure, shape, color, and packaging? What happens when you zoom in? How about getting thinner and thicker? What about adding parts and functions? What about reducing functionality, parts, and dimensions? What happens when you combine it with others?
3, Shanfanjiujian Law-delete cumbersome and useless, cumbersome document bag design works, can only show the designer's thinking confusion.
4, transposition thinking Method-The designer stands in the user angle to analyze the commodity insufficiency to improve, lets the user satisfy.
5, small change small leather method--will all kinds of small change small leather collect, form a kind of good design idea 6, charm Method--for product modelling, color, surface quality, product image and the problem that the packing exists to improve, enhance its charm.
7, compared to the advanced method-similar handbags for comparison, to find gaps in order to improve. Preferably compared with advanced products
8, transplant Method--to the known principle or existing products, transplant to new uses. Such as men's anti-theft briefcase, the use of anti-theft devices to transplant into the package of practice.
9, repeated method----design can not be successful, need to think, ideas and changes. Panasonic, Japan: A good gift bag design should be repeated 20 times before the line.
10, the law-the market segments, for each subdivision of the market as the target market. Innovation. such as Luminous pupil's schoolbag, using the luminous stitches to obtain the children's interest.
11, strengthen the advanced thinking--through the paper Bag Market survey, understand the potential needs of what is the next step in demand, designers need to advance thinking, ahead of innovation. such as innovative design after 3 years of hot products.