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Development Trend And Consumption Requirement Of Handbag Design
- Aug 02, 2017 -

Development trend and consumption requirement of handbag design as an important branch of costume design, handbags design plays a powerful role in the development of apparel industry. As a designer in addition to mastering the above-mentioned nine design skills, but also need to understand the development of modern design trends and consumer demand. One trend of modern design development is to show the individuality of consumers more and more. Therefore, the idea of gift bag designers from different people, time, place, character, culture, occupation and national factors, the design of personalized handbags to reflect the design of handbags, rather than blind, general design. The development trend of modern design: 1. The handbag design must carry on the matching design with the clothing overall design. Clothing and handbags, shoes and hats, belts, scarves and other decorative items, as well as decorative patterns, surface color should embody the overall design ideas, in style, color to echo each other. Therefore, the requirements of the document bag designers must also have a variety of design skills and self-cultivation. The whole supporting design is the future direction of development.
2. The relationship between handbag design and environment. Designers in the design process should pay attention to the observation of life, to take into account the handbag in different circumstances, the effect of different occasions. The handbag design and the environment to adapt, so that the wearing of the heart and the environment to adapt to the rhythm of life in tune.
3. Gift bag Design to consider human, natural and other factors. The style and color of handbags should be in harmony with the age, occupation and character of the wearer, and also take into account national customs. Wearing their own conditions is the handbag design must be considered in one of the content. In addition to the human condition, handbags fabric, color, variety style, according to different seasons to choose, and there is a difference, otherwise it will lose beautification.
4. Handbag design should be closely linked to social realities and realities of life. The document bag design work is not a simple work, it has to complete a good design as the clothing design must through the market investigation, the information reorganization, the design production and so on a series of processes. This design program mainly grasps the information, understands the consumer psychology. Designers should be able to obtain the latest information, good at different areas to obtain creative inspiration, on this basis, designed to meet the requirements of different levels of consumer products. In addition, the handbag design also needs small batches, many varieties of production requirements, only in this way to fully reflect the gift bag personalized and contemporary.