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What are the classifications of PVC handbag
- Aug 02, 2017 -

PVC handbag printing from specific forms to divide, can be divided into advertising handbags, gift handbags, decorative handbags, knowledge-type handbags, souvenir-type handbags, simple handbags, smart-type handbags, antique-style handbags and so on. The following is a detailed description of the type of tote bag printing.
Advertising handbag
Advertising handbag is through visual communication design, pay attention to the promotion and development of advertising, through the creative graphics, symbol recognition, text description, color stimulation, triggering consumer attention, thus creating intimacy, promote product sales. The advertising handbag occupies a large part of the tote bag and forms the main body of the handbag.
In various fairs, exhibitions can often see this kind of handbags, handbags printed on the name of the enterprise, business logo, the name of the main product and some advertising language, virtually played a publicity business image and product image of the role, which is equivalent to a mobile advertising, and a wide range of flow, not only to meet the requirements of the loading, but also has a good advertising effect, so is the manufacturer, trade and economic activities of a popular form of advertising. The more chic The handbag is designed, the more beautifully it is produced, the better its advertising effect is. Advertising handbag According to the target of different positioning, but also can be divided into the purchase of special handbags, promotional handbags, brand handbags, vi design promotion handbags.
1, Shopping bags
The shopping bag advertisement can use the bag body limited area, spreads the enterprise or the product service market information to the world. When customers carry shopping bags printed with shop advertisements and walk through the streets, they are actually some exquisite handbags, as opposed to making a good advertising signboard, and the cost is relatively low.
Shopping bags are designed for supermarkets, shopping malls and other places. Supermarkets, shopping malls in order to facilitate consumer shopping, the purchase of goods transported home, connected with the feelings of consumers and design a dedicated handbag. This kind of handbag uses the plastic material more, it compares the other handbag, the structure, the material is more solid more can hold more items, and the cost is cheap. Shopping bag on the visual factors, mainly by the shopping place specific forms of publicity (standard, mascot, special graphics, special image, etc.), highlighting the image of supermarkets, shopping malls, convey the information of shopping places.
2. Promotional Bags
Promotional handbags are mainly used in promotional activities, used to promote goods, enterprises, a means. In order to promote their image and promote the sale of goods, enterprises often hold a series of activities. The introduction of the handbag printing Enterprise, the product specification may also have the product (one little gift), presents to the guest or the consumer, so that the consumer is fuller understands the enterprise situation and the product performance. Promotional tote bags are an active billboard that can hold items. The visual design of its surface is centered around the publicity of the enterprise, the content of goods for the purpose, so that consumers in the activities of the very happy to accept the message of recognition.
3. Brand Handbags
Businesses in order to improve the quality of goods, create higher value, brand-name products, brand handbags are used in this shaping activities. Brand handbag in the store use more, not only to facilitate the customer to carry goods and promotional role, this kind of handbag materials used in the more high-end, and the quality of the goods match.
4, vi Design promotional handbag
VI is the strategy of enterprise concept and spirit visual design, vi often take the handbag as a form of promoting visual transmission, that is, combined with the modern design concept and enterprise management theory of the overall action to shape the personality of the Enterprise, highlighting the spirit of the enterprise, so that consumers have a deep impression and recognition, in order to achieve the business objectives of the design.
Second, gift bag
Gift handbag is in order to improve the value of gifts, carrying gifts convenient and design of the handbag form, gift handbag shape is more exquisite, gorgeous graphics, beautiful, there is a very good-looking appearance, the gift of gifts.
Gift handbag is a kind of packaging items, refers to the bags used to put, packaging and foil gifts. The material of the gift tote bag usually has three kinds of plastic, paper, cloth. Today's society can see people using gift handbags everywhere. A exquisite gift handbag can better foil their own gifts. As the lifestyle changes, the demand for gift handbags is growing.
III. Decorative Handbag
Decorative handbags do not have a specific function, used to carry belongings, only wonderful appearance, is fashionable decorations.
IV. Informative handbag
Knowledge handbags are all kinds of knowledge with a certain pattern, text, such as the world famous painting, Chinese calligraphy, printed on the shopping bag. This kind of shopping bag not only gives the consumer convenience in carrying the goods, but also governs the people's sentiment, causes the human to produce the wonderful psychological feeling often.
V. Commemorative handbag
The most common souvenir handbag is specially designed to commemorate a cultural and artistic event. This strategy caters to people's Psychology of remembrance and honor, so that people in the purchase, there is still a new feeling. This handbag is usually printed with the name of the activity, signs, descriptive text, such as: "XX Festival Memorial", "Tourism Souvenir Bag", "XX Photography exhibition", "XX TV festival", such handbags can be loaded on the one hand to receive information, samples, on the other hand, expanded the impact of this activity.
VI. Simple Tote Bag
When customers buy assorted things and need simple shopping bags to dress up, if the store can provide a way to solve people's worries, it must be welcomed by consumers. To be convenient, is itself an important knack of promotion.
VII. Smart Type tote Bag
People generally pursue a high standard of lifestyle, fashion commodity leaders in the current consumption trend. When the social emergence of what "hot", if the store to the commodity patterns, promotional information printed on the beautiful shopping bag, is undoubtedly an important promotion. When consumers see hot goods in a shop has a sale, also produced a "irresistible temptation."
Eight, antique-style bag
Many social well-known traditional goods, due to the material, production road, long history and much consumer favorite. If the shopping bag printed on the simple and elegant design and text, give a noble and solemn feeling, presumably also will cause some consumers shopping taste.