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The structure design of the package zipper bag and the decorating design of the packing document BAG, etc.
- Aug 02, 2017 -

The structure design of the package zipper bag and the decorating design of the packing document BAG have the following characteristics:

1. Plastic zipper bag and composite material bag in cosmetic bag, the application of more and more large, packaging containers, especially plastic bottle design tends to diversify.

2. The use of glass bottles is limited. Due to the inherent disadvantages of glass bottles (such as large proportion, fragile, etc.), for general cosmetics, if the plastic materials or composite materials to replace the glass container packaging, often used plastic containers or composite containers for packaging, and for high-grade cosmetics or volatile, easy to evaporate fragrance of cosmetics, such as perfume, generally still use glass bottles for packaging.

3. Package Zipper Bag Specification diversification to meet different consumption levels. Because of the increasing competition in the cosmetics market, manufacturers are increasingly investing in cosmetic bags. For the middle and low cosmetics, in order to meet the different needs, the size of the packaging file bag is diversified to facilitate the choice of consumers; for high-end products, to adopt small capacity for packaging to meet the needs of low-income people, especially to meet the young girl because of curiosity arising from the consumption mentality.

4. The series of cosmetic bag design. The so-called serialization packaging design, refers to the uniform trademark pattern and text fonts as the premise, with different tones, watermark or different shape structure for the same category of commodity packaging design, the requirements of the same, the difference between the same, both the diversity, but also the overall sense. In the practical application of cosmetic packaging, there are two general situations, one is: the same brand, different functions of cosmetics complete sets of series packaging to facilitate the purchase of consumers, while the overall price is lower than the total price of individual purchases.