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Technology and application of waterproof bag
- Aug 02, 2017 -

Waterproof bag function is waterproof, sand-proof, dustproof, oil-proof bag can be used in the worst of the bad environment, can protect the mobile phone in the water, can use the camera in the rain to ensure that the water will not be soaked.

1 water activities, outdoor travel, diving necessities
The bag is made of waterproof material, in the car seam made of water treatment
In the process of water activities and outdoor activities, you can put your belongings in a waterproof bag to ensure the dry
A small bag is a scholar. The bag body is waterproof material, the bag mouth is the mechanical action seals

The true waterproof bag is to determine whether it is waterproof by material process and waterproof condition.
1: General Waterproof: General waterproof to the sewing technology sewing process to deal with waterproof cloth, and then to waterproof adhesive to make the needle hole to reach the water.

2: Professional Waterproof: Professional waterproof can be divided into two kinds:
A: In the process and materials are waterproof level for the highest requirements, this kind of waterproof bag for outdoor rafting for many, materials to 500d-1000d folder or TPU composite material, process with high-frequency voltage hot solution, so that two pieces of material seamless fusion, and then with the bag mouth transparent and smooth 15CM around the transparent material to strengthen, outside 30 percent, within 30 percent, such treatment can be really waterproof, (inflatable after the life buoy).
B: Diving class Waterproof: There is a telephone or camera in the market waterproof bag, can waterproof 10 meters deep below, waterproof clamp waterproof degree can reach 10 meters underwater-20 meters depth.

2 refers to ski gloves above the waterproof inside, generally with TPU or hipora and other waterproof breathable material to do.