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Non-woven Bag specifications how to calculate
- Aug 02, 2017 -

Non-woven bag specification refers to the size of non-woven bag, in the custom Non-woven bag when the need to provide a bag of long, wide, higher specific parameters, because the Non-woven bag price and the size of the bag for the size of the material so different sizes of the price is not the same, at the same time, customers can also according to their own requirements to choose the corresponding Non-woven bag style, bag in the production process size may be a little bit of error, if you want to install a fixed size box before making sure to reserve a little space in advance. The side of the car line Non-woven bag customers in the amount of bag size, can be the first bag to stand on the ground, the bag at the bottom of the height of the bag at the mouth of the bag high (not including the fold), the left and right width of the bag width (including the package side), the left and right side width of the bag side (including the edge).

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